Bruce Butcher : Town Council Candidate



My parents began coming to Fort Myers Beach in the late 60’s and ultimately bought a condo in the 70’s. We still have that condo today. I’ve seen this island grow from a quiet fishing community into a proud and prospering town. But now we are a community at a crossroads searching for an identity.

When government is no longer working for the people, there is a problem. When infighting takes precedent to progress, there is a problem. When the voices of residents and taxpayers are no longer respected, there is a problem. As a resident, voter and taxpayer, I see these problems and I cannot sit idly by while our town continues down this path.

I am running for Town Council because I care about our community and want to do my part to ensure that Fort Myers Beach is the best place it can be today and for generations to come.

I have been active in our community since moving here, working to make a difference in the lives of my fellow residents and making Fort Myers Beach a better place to live. Recognizing the need to improve our Island, I volunteered and was appointed to the Local Planning Agency (LPA) of Fort Myers Beach, the Audit Committee, the citizens’ advisory committee to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and numerous other organizations. Now, I am ready to take that same commitment to community to the next level and represent you on Town Council.

I spent my professional career in business management in the automotive industry. During my career I traveled the world where I was tasked with streamlining manufacturing divisions to make them more effective and efficient.

What our town needs right now is someone with real business experience to cut through the bureaucracy of our growing government and find the right solutions. I have overseen multimillion-dollar budgets and know how to do more with less. I will work to find economical solutions to our storm water issues and work with the county to speedup renovations to Estero Boulevard. Finally, as an active fisherman and boater I understand the importance of solving our water quality issues to our economy and environment.

It is my unique mix of business experience and community service that makes me the clear choice for Town Council. With your vote, I will work diligently to improve our quality of life on Fort Myers Beach.


Provided by Bruce Butcher.