Bruce Butcher: Candidate for Town Council


My name is Bruce Butcher and I am your candidate for Fort Myers Beach City Council. I am running because I care deeply about our community. My parents bought property here in the 70’s and I have been here since then, first vacationing and then we bought our home here in 2004. Diane, my wife of more than 35 years, and I chose this place to spend the rest of our lives, so when I tell you I care about our quality of life you know I mean it.

I spent my professional career in business management. I streamlined divisions and made them more effective. I worked as a: Controller; Plant Manager; General Manager; VP of Finance; VP Business Development; VP Corporate Strategy and Group Vice President.

I have been active in our community since moving here, working to make a difference in the lives of my fellow residents and making Fort Myers Beach a better place to live. I have served as: Chairman of the Public Safety Committee; The Ad Hoc Committee for Downtown Redevelopment; The Bike Walk Lee Steering Committee; President of the Laguna Shores HOA; Local Planning Agency and the Citizens Advisory Committee for Lee MPO

It is my unique mix of business experience and community service that makes me the clear choice to be our next Town Councilperson.

When I am elected it will my primary mission to protect and preserve our quality of life. Our town is undergoing changes and we must have someone that looks to the future, not the past, for solutions to our challenges. I believe that our town government should be: Lite-Our government must live within its means. Bright-We must inform the residents about what is going on and work with other officials and agencies to better serve the residents. Right-We have to make the right choices for our future.

Over the next few years our government will have to make choices about our future. The issues are far reaching and the right choices can improve our quality of life here on the beach. Downtown Redevelopment;  Stormwater Runoff; Estero Boulevard Construction and Traffic Management; Water Quality and Reducing the Increasing Size of Government to Keep It Lite

I need your vote so that I can work to make our community a better place to live. For more information please visit