Branding, Yea or Nay?


We are back in FMB for the season and are already reminded of the humor and drama of leadership in this wonderful place. Reminds me of the largest ship in its day : The Great Eastern, 1857. This particular vessel attempted a questionable maneuver during a storm and proceeded to disable its rudder becoming helplessly adrift for 3 days in the midst of a terrible sea. It languished rolling broadside back and forth to the waves at 45 degree angles creating utter chaos and turmoil for all those aboard. Eventually the ship limped back into port but from then on was an unpopular option for cruising.

Makes me wonder about the 65K for branding, paints a picture to me of a ship without a rudder. Will an effective branding campaign increase traffic congestion and confusion? If Margaritaville ever arrives I am certain their branding and marketing will be far superior to that of the towns consultant.

In talking with most people when asked where we go in Florida we answer  FMB,  they say, “Oh Fort Myers, my grandparents used to go there. ” We then say NO, NOT Fort Myers….FMB, it’s not FM.  How about we create a big buzz and change the town name to Estero Island! Now that would be some branding! Think of all the new T-shirts and coffee mugs; Estero Island AKA FMB. Oh the mystery of all that, would be like Coke changing it recipe.


David J. Knibbe