Boycott Sugar


Florida is getting flooded by dirty water. Our ecology and our economy are getting killed. Our politicians can’t or won’t do anything about it with Big Sugar flashing cash everywhere. Wonder what a boycott might do?

If you wonder about the effectiveness of a boycott, just ask the people at Sea World whether boycotts work or not.

Think of the famous companies Big Sugar sells its products to, big brands with a family image, that we’ve all grown up with. Imagine how embarrassed those companies would be by all the bad publicity that surrounds a boycott. Imagine TV news showing people dumping the old favorites from their shelves in a public ceremony and saying, “I’ll never buy this brand again until the dirty floods of water from the sugarcane fields stop.”

With the holidays coming up, this is the time of year women traditionally buy literally tons of sugar for baking. I can only speak for myself; if it’s a choice between baking the traditional holiday goodies or having our clean, beautiful water and our healthy local economy back again, I’ll find some other way to have tasty foods this holiday season.


Bonnie McLaughlin
Fort Myers Beach