Book Revues of Library Treasures


ian rankin, complaints, book revue, island sand paperThe Complaints by Ian Rankin (M LOV) deals with cops who investigate other cops. This dept is known as the Dark Side and in this fascinating tale Malcolm Fox proves once again why he is a person who can solve the seemingly impossible. Readers will be delighted as crime writer Rankin provides brisk pacing and challenging questions throughout the story.

Readers who have enjoyed the works of Charles Finch will definitely want to savor his latest, The Inheritance (M FIN). Finch’s writing is exceptional and includes characters from earlier novels. The story alternates between events of the past and in the present, conveying an excellent way of including historical fact in the fictional story.

fort myres beach library, book revueAn intriquing story on several levels describes Rescue at Los Banos by Bruce Henderson (Military History, WWII, Henderson. Not only do we see the humanity and inhumanity of those in the middle of this conflict but also one comes to appreciate the work of the military, in particular the 11th Airborne, paratroppers, Army Air Force pilots and Phillipine Guerrillas. It tells the story of the War in the Phillipines, giving an account of a heroic coordinated rescue from participants who were there.

Fans of John Scalzi will enjoy the clever plot in The Collapsing Empire (SCA) and find it believable, though some will want an ending without loose ends. Scalzi is likely a science fiction writer we’ll be coming back to.

Some Biblical mysteries are retold by Johnathan Cahn in The Book of Mysteries (Religions, Devotionals, Cahn), offering a commentary that is part daily devotional, part allegory and part mystery. The format of this book is a 365-day devotion told from the perspective of a teacher and his student. The narrative keeps the story moving and the subjects were so engaging that I found myself reading it beyond the devotional. In two settings I had read the book.

Storm in a Teacup (Science, Science, Czerski) is for readers who have an interest in how our world works. Helen Czerski can take complex physical properties and made them understandable through real world examples. She is able to engage the reader by tapping into our sense of curiosity. What I also enjoyed was Czerski’s joy in physics and how the explanation becomes a journey of fun as well as understanding.

New York Times sportswriter Michael Holly takes readers behind the scenes of the relationship that transformed the Patriots from a franchise to the envy of the NFL in Belichick and Brady (Sports, Football, Holley).belichick and brady, book revue, island sand paper

Brandon Sanderson is best known for writing huge fantasy novels. His first short fiction collection, Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection (SAN), pulls together various short stories and novellas from across his Cosmere and organizes them by Shardworlds. New readers will be challenged but for regular Cosmere readers this will provide an even deeper understanding of Sanderson’s creations.

Silly Snacks: Cooking with Kids (J EB) is an opportunity to help kids introduce healthy snaks into their diets. This cookbook presents 21 recipes for healthy snacks and each offers ideas that allow kids to be involved. The kids step is marked by a special icon and colored text.

luke and holly join forces, book revue, fort myers beach libraryLuke and Holly Join Forces by Nick Croydon and Petra Brown (JE CRO), for preschoolers to grade two, offers an animal story and the caring approach the siblings have for each other. The illustrations are bold and vibrant and enable one to enter into the scene.

book revue, fort myers beach, libraryThe sepia-colored illustrations provide an inviting backdrop for the idea which grows in What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom (JE YAM). The story and illustrations give life to how an idea can grow–there’s a visual, emotional and creative side that the story helps to enliven.


Dr. Leroy Hommerding
Beach Library Director