I was pleased to read the letter to the editor entitled “Not on My Island.” (April 22, 2016 Island Sand Paper) ‘Opportunity Lost’ would have been more appropriate; but then the persons who think that the world won’t change, and the crowd that thinks it can live in the ‘50s forever wouldn’t have read it.

What we had was a motivated developer (Torgerson) that proved he was willing to work with the county, town and the residents to find a plan that would work for all parties. If all the parties remained reasonable this project would have been a monumental plus for the town. Now what we’ll end up with is helter-skelter development of these prime properties without any benefit for the town and its residents. Those persons who think that they can limit the growth to cute little cottages along the beach are just kidding themselves. The closest they will get is more view blocking domino McMansions and three or four hotels all with ground level parking and 17 foot first floors. The property is too valuable to facilitate quaint cutesie 50’s shops and housing 17 feet in the air. All the things the ‘Boo Birds’ are against will become reality one building at a time without a single item that would make it a controlled development with benefits to the residents.

I wonder how many of the ‘Boo Birds’ even stepped one foot on the County’s postage stamp size park that they were vehemently defended. Well, the park is safe and the County is now free to put in revenue generating parking meters on their property across the street. The north end shops are now safe from competition, at least until a hurricane wipes them out. The County is free to fix the ten year old traffic problem; hopefully better than they are managing the current road project. Congratulations ‘Boo Birds,’ sorry Fort Myers Beach.


Pete Yeatman

Fort Myers Beach