Boat Speeds Too Fast


We live in a condo on the south end of FMB and have great concerns about the new boat speeds in Estero Bay. Since the speed limits have been increased to 25 mph the boat traffic appears chaotic with some going slow and many going very fast. It’s a wonder there have not been any collisions between boats.

In addition to boat safety there are questions about the serious damage being done to docks and mangroves by excessive wakes from boats. We can observe the shoreline eroding away and the docks deteriorating.

In addition, we used to see dolphins, manatees, kayakers and paddleboats in the bay but it now appears far too dangerous for anything other than boats.

The authorities that have the power to change the speed back to slow speed or no wake should act before an accident occurs and/or irreversible damage is done to docks and shorelines.


Robert Carran
Fort Myers Beach