Bill Veach: Town Council Candidacy


The next few years will bring significant changes to the island. Estero Boulevard should be completed, as should the TPI project. There are three Town projects that are in the planning stages; Times Square, Bay Front park, and the entrance to Bay Oaks. These projects have the potential to add significant benefits for both visitors and residents. They will add or improve some of our best public spaces. I have been involved in these projects and feel it is critical that they are done right and creatively. This is one of the reasons that I have decided to run for Town Council.

These projects have so much potential, and I am willing to apply my energy and creativity to see that they deliver. Our quality of life and the success of our businesses depend on a clean and healthy environment. I have worked hard to educate people and to protect our waters and beaches. I will be a reliable voice to help preserve what makes Fort Myers Beach such a great place to live, visit and work through this pivotal period. I would work to see that the TPI project is completed within the measures passed by previous councils and help ensure that the project delivers on the promises of workforce housing and downtown revitalization.

I am an engineer by training and started, grew and sold a successful business. My frequent, almost obsessive travel have exposed me to many ideas that could benefit our island. I have been the Chair of the Community Resources Advisory Board, the Vice Chair of the Public Safety Committee and have been the Chair of the Marine Resources Task Force. I am a sensible candidate that is not beholden to any extreme dogma or organization. I will not resort to personal attacks or support the false, negative advertisements and flyers that have become more frequent in the past couple of elections. I made this decision with great reservation, but feel that there is a great need for a moderate, creative, and experienced voice to help us maximize the benefits of these future projects and help keep this island a great place to live, work, visit and to run a business.

I sincerely believe that you can be pro-business without being anti-resident, and visa-versa. Together, we can take care of our waters, take care of our beach, take care of our neighborhoods, and take care of our businesses.