Big Carlos Bridge Meeting


The County is having another Bridge meeting at Bay Oaks Center, 2731 Oak Street, Fort Myers Beach on March 19th at 5 PM. They say they want to hear your opinion “Again.” That’s nonsense! Your hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and response forms along with the opinions of the nearly six hundred residents who came to the last meeting, all voicing opposition to the fixed bridge alternative wasn’t enough? The opinions of the hundreds of residents at the various association meetings held prior to the BOCC decision, again, all against the fixed bridge alternative wasn’t enough? The BOCC scheduled their vote on the choice a week or so before Christmas 2018, when most of us were away with our families ” because they wanted to hear our opinion”? No Way! When asked at the BOCC meeting, on behalf  of our Town Council, to delay the decision for 30 days, to allow you, the residents of Fort Myers Beach and Bonita to speak, Commissioners, Pendergrass, Hamman, Mann and Manning voted to denied our Town Councils request and the written request of many of us. Were they interested in your opinion then? No Way! They didn’t want you there.

So what makes anyone think that your voice, expressed again on March 19th will make a difference? It’s won’t ! The decision was made by those four Commissioners and, its final.  We Must Go However. We must go to tell them that we will not forget their decision “in the dark” to deny our choice. We will exercise our right to vote in the future against those who voted against us. Come and hear the facts they did not consider and tell them again that you do not want the fixed bridge and you will not forget them in the future.


George Repetti
Fort Myers Beach