Ber Stevenson : Council Candidate


My name is Ber Stevenson and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for town council in this week’s Sand Paper!

I bring to the table my education and experience from former business enterprises, as well as last year’s running for council.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in University Studies, with an emphasis in Design and Human Settlement Theory. Among other things, I have owned and operated two healthcare companies with over 100 employees that provided medical supplies to patients throughout Illinois, as well as served as a City of Chicago Receiver in charge of overseeing the demolition and/or restoration of derelict houses.

I first moved to Fort Myers Beach in 2001 from Naples and have been a permanent resident since 2005 on this special magical island where we are all lucky to live, visit and cherish, and have seen thousands of sunsets.

I am running for town council because I truly care and am concerned with the direction we are headed. Our town turned 21 this year and is time for us all to act like adults. Each seat is incredibly important, as one vote can change the fate of our future.

It all comes down to doing one’s homework, evaluating the information, simplifying and making good sound decisions based on common sense, keeping in mind the wishes of all the residents both full- and part-time, tourists and businesses.

We need to:

-Step up to the plate with Lee County and any developers, and get our fair share of the 11% Tourist Development Council (TDC) revenues so that we can operate in the black and provide necessary services to our tourist base and our residents.

-Restore respect to town council so we can negotiate properly for responsible development and Lee County without giving the beach away.

-Learn to agree to disagree amiably and with goodwill towards our fellow council members.

-Put the council on the clock just like we do for our “public comment” speakers.

-Consider and utilize alternative methods to make Estero Boulevard construction safe, including burying all power lines.

-Test our Gulf and Bay water and make that information available to our residents and tourists.

These are just some of the issues that we as a Town need to address. There is so much more to do.

Together we can overcome myopia and achieve utopia.


Provided by Ber Stevenson