Beach Students “Do The Right Thing” Honorees


Each month throughout the 2015-2016 school year, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office honors the positive actions of our community’s students through the “Do The Right Thing” student recognition program. The goal of “Do The Right Thing” is to reinforce positive behavior among youths and to establish students as role models for their peers. “Do The Right Thing” partners law enforcement, local government, the business and Lee County educational community together in an effort to make a lasting positive impact on our community’s young adults.

Honorees at the April 28th ceremony held at the Lee County School Board offices included Max Ray of Fort Myers Beach is a seventh grade student. Bobbi Leonard of Fort Myers Beach is in sixth grade. Simon Holder of Fort Myers is in seventh grade. All three attend Lexington Middle School.

 Lexington Middle School, school resource officer, Deputy Chris Doughty wrote, “Max Ray, Bobbi Leonard and Simon Holder became aware of a serious safety concern. They immediately reported their concern to school authorities. Appropriate actions were then taken to address the safety concern and resolve it.”


Lee County Sheriff’s Office