Beach School Family Holiday Program Cancelled



    The Fort Myers Beach Elementary School’s Holiday Program for students and families was abruptly cancelled this week after a parent, Joe Gilberti, barged onto school grounds earlier in the week with a camera rolling accusing the Principal and teachers of “hiding clean water” from the children, then posting the videos with accusations against the school, its principal and teachers.

    After parents became concerned with Gilberti’s social media posts regarding the school, school administration decided to cancel Thursday’s after school activities and evening Holiday program, disappointing both children and parents. The program was held Friday during school hours, but no parents were allowed to attend. A video of the event will be posted on the school’s website. The school also provided several photos of Friday’s festivities to the Sand Paper.Beach School Family Holiday Cancelled

    One of Gilberti’s YouTube videos shows him walking up to Principal Wood at the school and handing him a business card telling him, “You’ve known for a year,” before walking away from Wood and Building Supervisor Michael Cribbs shouting, “It’s called civic duty, boys,” on his way to Mrs. Zamniak’s 3rd grade classroom. After asking his son for the name of his teacher, he told her that he was the “guy with the underground river that the school board is hiding.”

    Late Thursday night, he visited the Sand Paper office, attempting to force his way in after being told the office was closed, eventually leaving after providing his business card. He has unsuccessfully sought coverage of his water claims in the Sand Paper in the past.

    Gilberti has claimed for several years that he has access to some sort of water with health benefits on property he owns near Sarasota. He claims that a pipeline to move this water to Florida cities would provide raises for teachers and public safety employees and cure cancer with its antioxidant properties. His byzantine medical claims for the water are very broad and laced with charges that just about everyone is “killing kids” or cancer patients by not making this special water available to them. On his profanity-laced Twitter account, he blames just about everyone for blocking access to this magical water from President Obama to Governor Scott to school boards, “the Jew media,” cops, gays, Illuminati families, Rothschild Zionists and now his son’s teachers and principal.

    Beach School Family Holiday CancelledFollowing the incident, the Department of Children and Families has opened an investigation into the family, but no further details were available.

    After his actions at Beach School this week, Gilberti was given a trespassing warning and told he was no longer allowed on school property. On Friday LCSO staff were at the school throughout the day. Lee County Schools Winter Break began Friday afternoon. Students return to school January 4th.