Beach Elementary School Produces Snow White


Once Upon A Time…

…the 4th and 5th graders of the Beach Elementary School took on the challenge of producing a play, “Snow White.” Their costumes were dazzling, their acting amazing and the effort these talented students put into the production was beyond measure. Parents, friends and members of the Island community were bewitched, as if under a spell from opening curtain to final bows. Bravo!

The cast of “Snow White” included: Connor Amos, Mallory Amos, Ashton Broadwater, Austin Cherry, Briana Clemens, Dobbin Copeland-Greer, Jacob Copeland-Greer, Tristan Davis, Dusty Dwyer, Yoshe Garay-Olivares, Aiden Olson, Coen Holmes, Isaiah Hunt, Addelyn Ives, Charles Knupp, Celia LaCorte, Lauren LaCorte, Preston Lorraine, Zella Martin, Justice McKevitt, Anya Mencarelii, Nathan Soto, Paige Spratt, Katie Weber, Caprice Wells and Kai West.

The play was produced and directed by Mrs. Gayle MacPeek, assisted by Mrs. Rockwell, Mrs. Zamniak and Mrs. Stephenson.