Beach Cottages


With all the uproar (vocal minority) over the tearing down of ramshackle deteriorated beach cottages, I have a suggestion for the Island Sand Paper. As I walk Estero Island’s beach and roadways, I am thrilled to see so many cottage rehabs. Just one example is the complete makeover of what used to be a rundown eyesore at the corner of Strandview and Estero Blvd. The makeover remodel is absolutely astonishing, and I had to stop by to compliment the gentleman working on it. The Sand Paper needs to feature these lovely cottages, showing the before and after photos. We would all welcome this feature and it certainly puts a positive spin on the reality of the state of charming island cottages. I would be more than happy to scout them out for you to feature.

Christy Hennessey

Fort Myers Beach & Carmel, IN