Beach CD Brief


Title: Monkey Box
 Author: “Sundance” Dave Richardson & Left of Center
 Publication Date: March 2017

“Sundance” Dave Richardson is well known on the beach in both music circles as a songwriting musician and boating circles as Captain of the 42’ sailing vessel, Sundance. Living full time in Fort Myers Beach since 1988, his band, Left of Center, has been entertaining locals and visitors for over a decade. Now fans of his unique style of music can take it on the road with them via the release of “Monkey Box,” a four-song collection of classic Left of Center tunes.

The four songs provide a full half hour of unique island-style music, difficult to fit neatly into any one genre – let’s call it funky beach jazz with a  touch of reggae.

You’ll be laughing at the lyrics of ‘Jess’s Monkey Box’ and ‘Mentally Ill.’ He captures perfectly the plaintive cry of many long-time singles with his lyrics, “I would like to find a girl who is not mentally ill; find someone with some zest and some thrills. No drugs; no drama; no booze; no pills.” The same song has a refrain including a line familiar to those who know Dave well, “Shut up Dave, Shut up Dave.” It’s all in fun and the listener is along for the ride.

As upbeat and fun as those two songs are, the pace slows down for ‘Keep on Tryin’’ and ‘Lost.’ Both ballad-esque with some beautiful layered vocals and interesting lyrics.

The effort to create this CD was 9 months long and the result is exactly what Dave was shooting for. “This record – I finally had the time and the money to see it through – I have not had one moment of ‘I should have done that differently!’ I’ve very pleased with how this turned out.”

Monkey Box is truly a beach production with all local musicians and singers. Dave Richardson-lead vocals, guitar; Kevin Kenworthy-keyboard, vocals; Bill Rountree-bass guitar, vocals; Carveth Clauson-percussion; Jo List and Lyn Richardson-background vocals; Rev. James “Soupcan” Garre-trumpet; Keri Kalis-voice on “Mentally Ill”; Dough Simonds-trumpet on “Keep on Tryin”; Anthony Iannucci-sound engineer and Tammy Zink-cover art.

“Monkey Box” can be purchased for $10 online at, or give Dave a call at 239-565-5690. Whether it’s original local music or a chartered sail in the Gulf of Mexico – Dave’s your guy on Fort Myers Beach.


Missy Layfield

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