Beach Book Brief


Title: The Palm Reader

Author: Christopher Bowron

Publication Date: June 27, 2018

Jackson Walker is back, with all his ‘former Florida football star” bravado, along with some vivid memories of his last tangle with a satanic cult in South Florida. Best-selling author Christopher Bowron, has written a fast-paced read with plenty of twists and turns and a few chapters that you won’t want to read alone in the dark. Set five years after Bowron’s first Jackson Walker thriller, “Devil in the Grass,” “The Palm Reader” finds newly minted law school grad Jack, with a job as an investigative lawyer. One of his first tasks is to deal with the disappearance of a mysterious and unsavory client who seems to have ties to a Russian porn ring. While Jack pursues the case, he learns that his nemesis from “Devil in the Grass,” a satanic cult leader, is out of prison and pursuing Jack. Offering unsolicited and unwelcome, yet life-saving, advice, his grandfather Nathaniel, a Seminole shaman, works with Lolita, a psychic palm reader to keep Jack safe.

beach book brief, the palm readerThe Palm Reader is a thriller with an inventive plot, fascinating characters, many familiar Southwest Florida landmarks and some paranormal twists that will leave you wondering, “Is that even possible?” One reviewer described Bowron’s books as “a little edgy and a lot creepy.” You’ll want to leave the lights on while you read this one.

Bowron spent many years on Fort Myers Beach as a child and enjoyed exploring the Everglades, which feature prominently in this series. Bowron’s other works include: “The Body Thieves” and “Devil in the Grass.”

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By Missy Layfield