Beach Book Brief


Title:   MAC—124  No Way To Die

 Author:  John Giovanni

 Publication Date: July 27, 2017

Available at: Amazon, online or by sending a check for $15.57 to John Giovanni, 26324 Stonewall Lane, Bonita Springs, FL 34135.

In John Giovanni’s first novel, “MAC – 124 No Way To Die,” a homegrown terrorist plot draws in three unrelated couples, the CIA, a rockstar legend and a hidden biochemical weapons plant.

James is on his way to Europe for a long-planned vacation with his wife, Victoria, until a college girlfriend, Brenda, appears on his flight to recruit him for a secret mission that will tap his chemical engineering background. Leila falls for John while landscaping his home in Florida, leading to a whirlwind romance, though Leila is keeping a secret. Rockstar legend Jackie meets Ken after a concert and turns his life upside down.

MAC-24-Book BriefAs the plot develops, all three couples have a role to play in uncovering and foiling a plot that could kill millions of Americans via a highly toxic chemical with no antidote. Where is it? Who is behind the terrorist plot? Will an antidote be developed in time? As time ticks away and sparks fly, the pressure mounts. From a Cuban prison to concert stages around the world, the six characters are drawn into a tangled web of international intrigue where the line between truth and lie is blurred. What role will they each play? Will they find answers in time?

MAC—124 is the first book by Bonita Springs resident John Giovanni, a retired educator and coach from the Northeast.

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