Bayside Park Building Not Needed


Your article “Evolution of the Mooring Field,”, Island Sand Paper, June 12, 2020 amplifies the reasons why expenditures planning for the proposed facilities at Bayfront Park should be halted immediately. The councils failure to apprise the public before committing expenditures was a grievous misappropriation of tax payer revenues. And the revelations of occupancy by Matanzas and Mrs. Light, AAC chair: “According to Matanzas Inn, it is at 95% for only a couple of months, with the rest of the time being like it is now, with very few people for the next 3 to 5 months. People love coming and returning to the Fort Myers Beach Mooring Field, but I honestly don’t know if expanding the Mooring Field facilities at the proposed new building at Bayside Park will increase its attraction.” Since current facilities suffice, and less expensive options are available, surely our council isn’t going to put this structure up just so tourists can take selfies!


Kirk Whitacre
Fort Myers Beach