Bay Oaks Health Fair, One-Stop Wellness Info


In a seven-mile-long island full of wonderful restaurants that serve scrumptious meals and sensational bars that feature cool cocktails, it is no stretch to say the healthiest place on all of Fort Myers Beach may be the Bay Oaks Recreational Center! In following that thread, Bay Oaks will host its first-ever Health Fair on Saturday, February 29, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“While we are calling this the 1st Bay Oaks Health Fair, we actually hosted them previously when the Town took control of the Recreational Center from Lee County, so up to about ten years ago,” related Recreational Campus Manager Sarah Mayher. “Back then, it was part of a program we formerly called ‘BORC Bash!’ This one, however, will not only be new but different and much improved over the previous ones, with a lot of terrific vendors and products for our residents and guests.”

“The purpose of the Health Fair is to inform everyone on Fort Myers Beach about all the health-related services on the island,” added Program Coordinator Danielle Felton. “This is something we most definitely plan to host on an annual basis, as now that we are close to the heart of season, this is the right time to do it. Next year, we may have the Health Fair just slightly later, most likely in March, but we will evaluate that after we finish this year’s event. The Health Fair is totally free of charge, so we hope everyone will come out and see what we have to offer.”

Sarah explained that the idea to reinstitute the Health Fair came from meetings with the Bay Oaks Recreational Center Advisory Board (BORCAB) that recently completed its long-range strategic plan. “It was directly from their suggestion,” Sarah said, “as another way to get more people to come to Bay Oaks and discover everything we have here at the Recreational Center. Our intended audience ranges from children through families and seniors, with everyone in-between, to experience the vast array of health services that we provide. It will be kid-friendly as well as for adults, with plenty of things like free juice and smoothie samples from the Wave of Vitality Fitness Center!”

Participating organizations and companies in addition to the Wave of Vitality include the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department, Island Fit Physical Therapy, Smiles With Care Dentistry, Fort Myers Beach Yoga and many more, said Danielle, “and these will include yoga and fitness class demonstrations all throughout the time period between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. We do not yet have a final number of those who will sponsor booths and conduct demonstrations because several vendors are still coming in to participate, so if you have a health-related business, there is still time for you to join us as well, so just contact us here at Bay Oaks!” “We are still spreading the word about the Health Fair,” echoed Sarah, “so if you have an interest, reach out to us at the Bay Oaks office. There is no fee to participate in and have a booth here at the Health Fair, unless you are selling a service or product, and we will provide the table and chairs.”

Sarah and Danielle feel that the time is right for Bay Oaks to once again host a Health Fair. “Over the past year, our fitness classes have really grown; in some cases tripling in number,” Sarah offered. “In my opinion, the wide range of activities we have at Bay Oaks are spurring people to pay attention to their overall health, not only for now but years to come, and this is true for residents and guests. We have such a knowledgeable staff at the Recreational Center who can give you sound advice on your health and fitness needs and goals, so whether you are looking to drop a few pounds, are doing any type of cross-training, are preparing for the 2020 Shrimp Run, or are a true workout warrior, there will be something at the Health Fair for everyone!”

The Bay Oaks Recreational Center is at 2731 Oak Street, with plenty of free parking. For more information or to have a booth at the Health Fair, contact Danielle at 239-454-4222 or at

“Come to the Health Fair, learn what we are all about, and how you can make 2020 the healthiest and fittest year of your life, with Bay Oaks being your one-stop shop,” concluded Danielle. Sarah added, “You can discover all the local health options that Fort Myers Beach offers, including several that are brand-new that even I have yet to visit, so this is the ideal opportunity to get all of your health and wellness information in one place, at one time!”