Bay Beach Stormwater


I am truly pleased that in your editorial note printed at the conclusion to my letter, of February 26th letter to the editor, your editorial team recognized and concurred that the FMB Town Council approved a 100% “adjustment” to the Bay Beach utility fee. It would have been more helpful if the editorial team also acknowledged that Bay Beach did not request an “adjustment” (that can be changed by the Director otherwise known as the Town Manger) to the Resolution but did request the removal of Bay Beach from the “benefit area”; which did not happen.

Bay Beach does not and will not have any benefit from the Town’s Storm water management system. Noting again, until the Town re-writes their ordinance, removing Bay Beach from the Benefit Area; it is by default designated as being in their Benefit Area. Bay Beach has never been in the Town’s plan for inclusion, nor will it ever be, meaning we must be excluded; not adjusted or any other fancy dance around reality. We can tackle the town’s lack of charging the County for their participation in the Storm Water Management system or the Town’s effort to impose an administrative fee as an effort to recover lost Utility Fees after we see the re-written/corrected Town ‘s Ordnance 16-08 later in the summer.

I’d like to thank the editorial team for correcting any misconceptions people may have regarding the Town’s Resolution.

Pete Yeatman

Fort Myers Beach