Bay Beach Has Own Stormwater System


Most recently statements have been made that are not borne out by the facts. Let’s start with since 1988 Bay Beach has had a fully functioning Storm Water Management system that is permitted/licensed by the South Florida Water Management District. Since the inception of Bay Beach’s Storm Water Management system the property owners of Bay Beach have paid for its creation, management and operation without one single penny being paid in by any other FMB resident. As important is the fact that no FMB resident has put a penny aside for a storm water system for the rest of the town. Unlike the rest of the town, Bay Beach residents have been paying for storm water management for almost 30 years. Bay Beach’s storm water management system is completely self-contained, not a drop of Bay Beach storm water goes on Estero Blvd (a county road) or any of the town’s roads.

On January 18, Mr. Scott Baker’s presentation to the Council stated the County and the Town’s storm water systems are completely independent of one another. Mr. Stilwell’s interview comments to a local television station suggested that Bay Beach residents drive on Town roads and should therefore contribute to the Town’s Storm Water Management system. When driving in FMB ninety-nine percent of the time I drive on Estero Blvd (a county road) to businesses that have their driveways connect to this road. If Mr. Stilwell is suggesting that a system is imposed to collect money for road usage, Bay Beach would like to also be able to participate to collect from township residents and vendors like UPS and FedEx using Bay Beach roads.

Punishing Bay Beach residents by rationalizing that its residents should pay for any part of a second Storm Water Management system is unconscionable.

Pete Yeatman

Fort Myers Beach