Barcelona Postscript


Since writing our article found elsewhere in this edition on what the Town of Fort Myers Beach Council members did on their summer vacations, Barcelona, Spain was struck with a terrorist attack that killed at least 15 and injured over 100 people, on the same street recently walked by former Fort Myers beach Mayor & current Council Member Anita Cereceda. The Island Sand Paper followed up with Anita for her comments and reaction.

“First and foremost, all my relatives are fine! We were all just in Barcelona to celebrate my Aunt’s 90th birthday, and she lives just five blocks away from where the van struck, and I just received a photograph of that area from fellow Beach resident Billy Veach, who is there now. My Aunt told me that the Las Ramblas Promenade, that is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, is now basically a monument. Then of course the moving memorial mass was in the Sagrada Familia Cathedral that means so much to me.

“I walked that block so many days during my life, including so recently, as it is such a famous boulevard in the city and a major pedestrian hub, and most people when they visit or are in Barcelona go there because it is full of cafes and shops and restaurants and vendors and is just beautiful throughout and people just love that place; it is where you go for a coffee or to meet friends or sit on one of the many benches and people-watch, and then you see this and it is just, UGHHHH!

“To think that this city that is so cosmopolitan and so inviting can be violated like that is really an indication of where our world is now, and not just in Barcelona. I mean, when I heard the news, I just cried, especially coming on the heels of Charlottesville where I also spent a great deal of time, and it is a beautiful town and a college town and everything you could love about a small town in America. You then have all these things going on, so the reality of it all really shakes me, and you are threatened by it and confused by the senselessness and needlessness of it. We all must send the message, in our own way, that though these are tough times, united we will absolutely find a way to move past this.”


Gary Mooney