Are You Serious?


The race for the Town Council election has just turned into the likes of recent state and national elections of ugliness, slander, deceit and embarrassment to our town. In my mail I received the large postcards depicting fear of two candidates causing higher taxes and chaos due to their support of the TPI Margaritaville resort near Times Square.

Are you serious? This development was approved unanimously by our council in a very fair and judgmental decision after years of revisions to the resort that totally coincide with the town’s rulings on development.

Now, some PAC or whoever is anonymously behind a slander campaign against Dan Allers and Bruce Butcher have taken upon themselves to not only frighten people about their character and values but to do so by falsely and unfounded by accusations of tax increases due to the new Margaritaville! And to add more insult in one of the mailings they show a petrified and alarmed elderly couple apparently viewing their tax bill as to “oh my, now look what these two did to us”! Really?

How about showing more intellectual and emotional credit to our senior citizens. Shame on you! In addition, Bob Burandt is a candidate tied into the Lanai Kai as their lawyer. Is there any chance this slanderous mailout was not competitively motivated? Lani Kai has in excess of 30 security personnel. I guess that’s commendable but wonder why?

Read between the lines FMB. Progress is good and the area off the bridge severely needs a face lift. Commercial properties encompass more land than homes and pay more property taxes. Seniors and many others very well know this. Maybe the “alarmed look” on the senior’s faces in the mailing were really those of a pleasant surprise of a lower amount due to a new high tax paying resort!

Tom & Martie Schultz
Fort Myers Beach