Are We Really a Family Island?


Well, the issue that drove us to the polls in our recent local election has become a non-issue. After all the demonization of each other, the main players on both sides of the Grand Resorts Playoffs, everyone sounds a little nicer…

So now we can address other important issues like the dwindling annual rental market. We call this a ‘family island’ but working families cannot afford to live here anymore. And then there’s the erosion of Bay Oaks. We call this a ‘family island’ but with the decimation of the Rec center staff, and the idea that it would better serve us as parking garage for town vehicles and equipment, looks like our children and their parents and grandparents aren’t a big priority either.

You know, if we are going to function as a gated community/resort, stop pretending this is a ‘family island’. If we really want to be a ‘family island’, we need to make it possible for families to live and thrive here. We have the top-rated school in Lee County…who will attend in the years to come?

Jo List

Fort Myers Beach