By the time you read this, Tom Torgerson will have had his opportunity (Thursday 1/14/16, at Bay Oaks) to make townspeople believe they are truly engaged in the creation of his final plans to redevelop downtown Fort Myers Beach.

Mr. Torgerson is no fool. He knows that the radical scope of his project wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance of survival during the course of heated debate if he didn’t make it appear as if, or give the impression, that townspeople are or were involved in the development of what he intends to bring about.

He will have made minor tweaks and/or additions to his original plans to appease prior input. But, you will note that he is making no major changes to his original plans.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not his last resort (no pun intended) to persuade, will minimize his risk of partial or entire project failure. You can convince some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time -those are pretty good odds. However, it could backfire. Our townspeople are quite intelligent and very perceptive (and committed when situations demand it).

Joe Stockton

Fort Myers Beach Resident