Appeal Your Stormwater Fee


The storm water tax which has been assessed on “almost” every property owner in our Town is an arbitrary and capricious taking of residents funds.  I am informed by people in the Public Works department that the assessment of the tax, by the Town, on individual residents and Condos was done using antiquated maps and “Google Earth.” No visit to your property was made. Absolutely no consideration was given to the make up of the surface of our property to determine “pervious and impervious” areas. In effect the Town said ” This is what we want, now prove us wrong.”  It is my understanding that only eleven appeals have been filed. This lack of interest is shameful. That is what the Town wanted. Everyone must appeal the arbitrary taxation by the Town to protect your own interest. If you think the $19.90 tax will remain the same for years, you are dreaming. Although only eleven appeals have been filed, I for one has never been contacted to discuss my claims on appeal and to dispute the Town’s assessment of this tax. Stand up for your rights, file an appeal.

George Repetti

Fort Myers Beach