Another Voice


Re: Letter to the Editor, “All Are Welcome in FMB” by Henry Zuba (Island Sand Paper July 26, 2019)

Hi Folks! If you, like me, have been shocked at the insane banana republic democrat party coup to bring down our elected president, through lies, slander, and phony investigations (at taxpayers expense) and the total slanted bias of the news media, I would hope that you’d stand with me urging our Town Council to issue a statement that, “We the People” of Ft. Myers Beach, denounces this possible destruction of our democracy, and that we stand behind our president, of these ‘United” States!

But knowing the nature of FMB Town Council, they will never do so, ha!

Remember kids, in 2020, “Freedom or Socialism?” It’s your choice, it’s your vote. God Bless America!


J.D. Burdge
Fort Myers Beach