And Another Thing


If I`m driving down Estero Blvd and you want to turn from a side street, I will stop, let you in, unless you are on a cell phone or texting. Have no use for those people, that can`t live without phone glued to ear or finger. Stupid people endangering lives.

Also, I have lived on beach 45 yrs. Since we became a city its been all down hill. Better when under Fort Myers. Had a lot of promises made, that were not kept. It was better when swinging bridge was here and no huge buildings. When it was quaint. That’s why I moved here.

Beach is broke, that’s why they want Grand Resorts. All about money. The people that have been here 10-15 yrs want to change it, if they want big party life style, move to Miami and good riddance.

Beverly Barusch
Fort Myers Beach