Anchor Theft


Ostego Bay Marine Science Center

Pirates have invaded San Carlos Island!  Late last week, Ostego Bay Foundation Marine Science Center discovered one of their two anchors, which sits out in front of their building on Fishermans Wharf on San Carlos Island had been absconded with.

The anchor, which is at least 170 years old, had been generously donated to the Marine Science Center by a treasure hunter who brought it in with one of his hauls. For twenty-five years, these anchors, considered true treasures, have sat out in front of the Science Center, welcoming visitors, landlubbers and seadogs alike. A police report has been filed and once found, those responsible will be forced to walk the plank. If anyone has any information or knows which scallywag might have done this dastardly deed, please contact Joanne Semmer at the Marine Science Center at 239- 470-4993.