Anarchy or Dysfunction?


At 10 pm on Dec. 19th, FMB Town Council should have made a motion to adjourn because the town Charter does not permit meetings after 10 pm or before 7 am. (Sec. 4.11). By not following their own Charter, they have become guilty of intentionally violating their oath of office, and per Charter section 4.07 (b), they have forfeited their right to hold office!

They also have failed to pass ordinances by using a roll call vote at some times. A roll call vote is required for ALL Ordinance votes per Charter section 4:13, whether first or second reading, so once again they have forfeited their right to hold office by not obeying their own charter!

If you go back and find the Council link to meetings, then click on the top link and find the meeting for Dec. 19th, you may watch the video, and hear council member Rexann Hosafros, (who is an attorney) suggest that the Town staff not enforce the parking laws for one person in particular! She even boasts of the town already not enforcing their signage laws during the Estero Blvd. construction, and now suggests the town also ignore parking violations? Dennis Boback, the mayor is heard to say “Not a good precedent” and shake his head in disapproval. The town attorney also advises against Rexann’s suggestion.

Then the council votes on an issue that was not even placed on the agenda during the town managers comments—it passes 5-0!

Remember, this is the government that wants to hold the public accountable to the law, yet look at how they ignore and violate the law!

Is this “anarchy” or “dysfunctional government?”


Leon Moyer
Fort Myers Beach


Editor’s Note: Section 4.11 of the Fort Myers Beach Town Charter states that all meetings shall “commence no earlier than 7 a.m. nor later than 10 p.m.” The Town Charter and all Town ordinances are listed on the Town’s website,, under “Your Government.” Each ordinance indicates how each council member voted.