American Competition


The latest delay tactics in the Margaritaville project have me wondering why anyone would be against beautifying our island home.

What makes America great is capitalism. Capitalism means competition, and without it , products never get better, nor more cost-effective. Most importantly, true innovation dies.

People give up and just settle for the status quo.

Put out a great product and people will buy it. Competition forces businesses to come up with a better mousetrap or lose customers. Simple concept, really!

As consumers, we all benefit from competition. It wasn’t very long ago that an American made car was designed to rust out after a few years. The foreign car makers forced us to make better products. There are countless examples in every industry worldwide.

The Margaritaville project will force the competition to step up its game. This will be fantastic for all the citizens of FMB.

Maybe the existing businesses and hotel just can’t compete. Maybe it’s just been too easy and the owners don’t know how to compete anymore. The good news is that they have a head start and should be doing something better to improve their product, instead of trying to block out the competition. Spend your money on improvements and fostering good will, instead of stifling competition! This is America!!

People will flock to our island, expecting new and exciting experiences. All competent business owners will be able to compete for the flood of money that will be streaming into our community thanks to the new projects!

Jack Shemroske
Fort Myers Beach