Always Watching


This is a response to Beverly Milligan’s letter to the editor (“Abuse of Power” Letters, February 8, 2019, Island Sand Paper).

We’ve never met but it appears the writer has taken coming into compliance personally. However, the anger is misdirected at the wrong people. It should be directed toward me. I’m the one who emailed Councilmember Shamp and the town manager about Myerside’s noncompliance. I purposefully never once told any other councilmember.

I was on Council when Myerside requested a special exception to become a bed and breakfast in the Residential zone. I didn’t want to approve it as Myerside is next to a library and school. However, Councilmembers Andre and Hosafros thought my concerns would be alleviated with the listed conditions they would have to follow so I said yes to the special exception. Since then I’ve delivered to Myerside several times and noticed noncompliance. Furthermore, I handle my wife’s booking and was contacted to have Sheena Brook play for a Matanzas Pass event serving alcohol at Myerside. Unfortunately we had to say no and notify the town.

I’m sorry she has taken this personally. It has nothing to do with Ms. Milligan and everything to do with the safety of our children and abiding by the conditions Myerside was given. Ms. Milligan is not the only person I’ve complained about and as a delivery person I see everything. It doesn’t help I was a prior Councilmember who knows the rules. I wish I could unknow things but I can’t. If Myerside doesn’t want to comply then don’t comply and remove the special exception.

I hope next time Ms. Milligan makes accusations, she does her research and pulls public records where she will find my email. Then she can attack the right person. If she wishes to discuss further, I’d be happy to meet her. I wish everyone nothing but peace and happiness in your lives and for you to bring others the same.


Summer Stockton
Fort Myers Beach