All are Welcome on FMB


Hi folks! If you, like me, have been shocked at the racist comments of our political leadership, and the stunning silence from our Republican senators and representatives, I hope you will join me in urging our Town Council to issue a statement that our community does not agree with such action and inaction.

Ours is a dynamic community that encourages contributions of all residents regardless of race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, mental or physical impairment, political affiliation and immigration status. All too often these things divide people in society and differences are played upon by political leadership thinking it will help their reelection. Our community is affirming of the principle that we all are one human family. Our best work is achieved when we live not just as neighbors but friends, sharing the beauty and diversity of Fort Myers Beach.


Henry Zuba
Fort Myers Beach