All Are Equal


As you ride down Estero Blvd south of Red Coconut RV Park you cannot help but notice the reconstruction of driveways being uprooted by the right of way issue.

There is one exception, the Red Coconut RV Park, whose owners are in negotiations with the Town Council. All the rest of the residents are complying with the current laws regarding land use.

If the Town Council gives some consideration to one parcel owner they should offer the same to all the rest of those on Estero Blvd.

I’m sure Mr. Torgerson would like to get 20-foot right of way leased to him. Didn’t the Town Council negotiate with the Red Coconut RV Park regarding a water usage problem where there was a missing meter not too long ago? I don’t recall how that was resolved.

Fran Myers was recently quoted as saying that they would lose the 4th row of trailers or motor homes if they complied. I think they should consider themselves lucky to have had all that additional revenue by encroaching on the right of way for all these years (since 1984). It is time to pay the piper. I feel there should be no special treatment given to commercial property over residential. All are equal, or should be.

L. Pine
Fort Myers Beach


Editor note: There are two issues here. The Estero Blvd right of way (ROW) belongs to Lee County. Any negotiations regarding the width of that ROW would be with the County not the Town. The Donora Blvd. right of way belongs to the Town of Fort Myers Beach. Town Council has approved leasing a section of ROW along Donora to the Red Coconut for their use.