Advisory Committee Role


To Town Council: I hope you will all check the first memorial bench – for Jo Finney – at Newton. It is lovely, and I imagine there will be more requests. We already have two more.

I know Town Council is discussing the role of the advisory committees, and I certainly concur that it needs to be clarified. I know the committees are supposed to be tasked with only the items given them by Council. However, the concept of the benches came from CRAB, not Council, as did the Leadership Conferences which have contributed to our cadre of volunteers on the island. Both were done after Council gave approval, but the original ideas were from the committee.

Is there some middle ground that could encourage the committees to make positive suggestions while not encouraging them to “go rogue”? There are some very committed people on many of the committees who have a great deal to contribute to our island, and I think it would be too bad not to take advantage of them.

Thanks to Council for all they do!


Miffie Greer
Fort Myers Beach