Address The Whole Problem


We are a tourist destination. Most of our hotels/resorts gather more than 250 people. Many of our larger restaurants gather more than 250 people. Times Square has thousands of visitors daily as does the beach. We have thousands of foreign visitors that have been here for weeks. During Irma, when the mandatory evacuation was issued, power was cut to the hotels to force the visitors off of the island. While I didn’t like that decision, it was island wide and directly addressed the problem.

Do we act from knowledge or fear/panic? The media is driving us into a frenzy. I am personally in the high risk group and am taking appropriate action. However, exactly what impact will canceling the festival really have? The visitors are already here.

If you want to address a problem, then address the whole problem. Cherry-picking does nothing but have council decide winners and losers – and not address the actual problem. And it adds the additional precedent for all special events that council may pull their permit at any time council knee jerks a decision.


David Anderson
Fort Myers Beach