Address Lack of Civility


The ugly Lack-of-Civility virus that has infected our nation has, sadly, come to our island.  Over time such ugliness simmers, percolates and erupts in many viral forms. From the stories I have heard over the years this is not Estero Island’s first bout with the Nasty disease. This time it is in a particularly virulent strain with tit-for-tat added to the mix.

My fervent hope: islanders, as a positive way forward, form a grass roots Truth and Reconciliation forum. A Google search of the term provides an extensive collection of references to the concept, evolved processes and varied implementations. All have lots of moving parts, the common element: all parties agree to participate.

Islanders must come together to hear each other out. I do not have the professional expertise needed for a Truth and Recollection effort. The point of my letter is to plant an idea seed with islanders to consider a Truth and Recollection effort. I urge all my fellow islanders  to discuss with friends.


Ellen Vaughan
Fort Myers Beach