Action Now


There is agreement that most of the water slime originates and/or is caused by farms that border Lake Okeechobee and its outflows. So stop creating slime at the source. Without a pile of ‘how to’ detail, the most immediate way to do this is to shut down those farms. This can be done without penalizing the farmers or the farm land owners. The solution is to publicly purchase the farmer income, and in most cases the farm land. While any new tax is repelling, a tax specific for ¬†only this is reasonable. The tax would expire when this action was completed. Who should do this setup and who should pay? I would arguably suggest that this is largely a State of Florida issue and this solution should come from Tallahassee? We can’t wait three years to see The Army Corp of Engineers plan to maybe possibly someday redirect some lake water thru The Everglades. We need action now!

Steve and Lorrie Stuck
Fort Myers Beach