Reading recent letters to the editor has compelled me to compile a summary of what we have achieved on FMB in April and May. To stay within your 300-word limit I’ve put them in bullet form.

-Managed to be surprised that we had a $3.2M bill that needs to be paid

-We saved the 4th of July Fire Works

-Eliminated a potential planned revitalization of the Times Square area

-Saved our current pedestrian crossover problem in Times Square, and eliminated shop owner fears of missing a walk-by.

-Avoided a too difficult to cope or understand traffic circle that would improve traffic flow

-Saved existing ground level tourist shops, restaurants and motels from any new competition and provided them with the opportunity to elevate their facilities 17’ if they get more than 50% damage from a storm.

-Saved a small park for beach volleyball players and porta-potty users.

-We created a Times Square focus group stacked with opponents to change

-We saved the existing beach re-nourishment program for current merchants

-Ensured that the coming new elevated homes and hotels will provide pedestrians with a view of the Gulf over the tops of their parked cars.

-Created an atmosphere where the County may back out of any continuation of Estero Blvd renovation

I’m sure that there must be many more achievements that I missed. On the horizon is making Bay Oaks a special taxing district; you know like the Taj Mahal library or $9M club house for seniors. Whether a special taxing district or a general fund line item the residents of FMB will still have to pay for it. But if a special taxing district there will be a less accountable group of people assessing the residents.

Pete Yeatman
Fort Myers Beach