Abuse of Power


A Big Thank you to Mayor Tracey Gore for publicly harassing bed and breakfasts like Myerside Resort during the town council meeting (council members items) on January 22. We really appreciate her “looking out” for our local businesses. I’m sure her thorough digging into years of files to ensure that we are compliant, was truly out of the goodness of her heart. Well, maybe not.

It is unsettling to think our town’s Mayor is digging so deeply into our businesses. Why? Is she doing it to others? Is it appropriate? Obviously, the answer is NO! This is a blatant abuse of power to intimidate and harass those that oppose her or her personal agenda. I am certain we are not alone.

I am confident she is doing this to Myerside because Gore blames me, as President of Estero Island Taxpayers Association, EITA, for publicizing and bringing to the attention of the State’s Attorney, audio tapes where she and Dennis Boback make fools of themselves (and others) in a public venue. Where they make it clear they support a lawsuit against the very town they were elected to protect.

How can we feel safe if the system is being used to bully private citizens and businesses? I can’t wait for the next election and a council that protects our taxpayers, works to stimulate the economy, and behaves in a professional manner.

Gore complained her comments would be discussed in the media. She is right, because I refuse to be bullied by elected officials who abuse their position to intimidate businesses and residents of this community. I encourage every person and business on this island who feels the same to tell their story, write a letter, put out a sign.

You can only be bullied if you let the bullies get away with it.


Beverley Milligan
Co-owner, Myerside Resort