About Last Week’s Paper


Page one: ”Residents Warm to Changes in Grand Resort Plans” should read “Some Residents Warm…” The meeting was a good first step in communicating the plans.

Letter “With Respect Please” stated that “Mr. Torgerson has been very respectful and has answered all of your questions.” Mr. Torgerson has shown no respect for the Town codes. His plans ignore many of our codes. Mr. Torgerson would get a lot of respect and support if his plans were built to code. When questions of who pays for what, Mr. Torgerson does not provide a clear answer. For example, would he sign a legal document that he would pay for beach renourishment for say 25 years?

Some people prefer the concrete of a parking lot to a park. It is hard for me to understand that. Just remember, “you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.”

Letter “Parking Garage Concerns” provided some interesting calculations of the number of cars coming to the beach but failed to mention that the parking garage would fill up in less than an hour. Also, there would be an additional 500 cars coming over with workers and people staying at the hotels.

Gerry Trantina

Fort Myers Beach