A Tribute to Mason


We had to put our beloved (dog) Mason to rest a few weeks ago. We moved here with Mason 12 years ago. I would like to thank all our friends and neighbors for their cards and  comfort.  I would like to share with you Mason’s favorite song that always brought a smile to his face and a wag to his tail. I know he will hear it and smile as he runs on the beach in doggie Heaven. Mason’s nickname was “Pie “.The song is sung to the tune of ‘ McNamara’s Band ‘.

Oh my name is Mason Thompson and I’m living like a king,

I wake, I play, I eat, I sleep, I want for not a thing.

I run on sandy beaches at sunrise and sunset,

And when I see the sandpipers I take off like a jet !

And the birds they fly and my mom laughs “ Pie “

And my dad yells  “come  and stay “

This is how we pass the time in paradise each day

And  the pelicans dive and there’s  cocktails at five,

and mom always cooks for three

Life is good in paradise for mom and dad and me.


Jeanne Thompson

Fort Myers Beach