A Paper Worth Reading


I want to express my appreciation to everyone at the Island Sand Paper for their weekly contributions to the Island Sand Paper. Every week their readership has been brought up to date with current issues, events, editorials and so much more. From water quality to development to climate change, the Island Sand Paper has been there reporting on our important environmental issues.

I am especially appreciative of the support and coverage the paper has given to the Mound House over the years. As I think back to the interviews I had with Gary Mooney whether it was on the Mound House lecture series, international travel program, beach nesting bird program or the What’s In the Water? project, Gary always brought an air of respect, interest and enthusiasm. He’s a great writer and even better person.

Thank you Missy and Bob Layfield and Staff for giving so much of yourselves to keep our island community informed. The Island Sand Paper – a paper worth reading!


Penny Jarrett, Fort Myers Beach
Mound House – Education Coordinator