7 Slot Social Club Brings Relief to Local Businesses


    Last Thursday, members of The Seven Slot Social Club – made their first ‘Relief and Rescue Mission’ outing at Hoosier’s in Paradise and The Salty Dog Gifts. We joined them to find out what all the buzz is about, and quickly realized this is a group that’s all about having fun and helping local businesses.

    “We formed just before the Fourth of July so we could walk in the parade,” said Renee Heil, who founded the club with her wife, Megan. “It is for Jeep owners and those who live the ‘Jeep lifestyle’ – those who like life with the top down.”

    Renee told us that while other Jeep social clubs are more about lifts and customizing, her group is much more laid back and relaxed.

    “This is for anyone who likes Jeeps,” she said. “We’ve lived on Fort Myers Beach for two years, and we noticed there are a lot of Jeep owners here. We thought this would be a fun way for everyone to meet up and get out and about.”

    “7 Slot Social Club’s story begins like so many other great ideas, a couple of Jeep owners at a beach bar, having a cocktail and scribbling on the back of a napkin,” she said. “The goal is to find like-minded individuals to drink a beer every now and then, go have some fun together, have a positive impact on the beach and community – basically a group of folks looking for some social shenanigans. We are for the just off the lot jeeps, to lifted and customized, no jeep shaming here!”

    Heil said that, like most clubs, hers also has a mission.

    “With all the road construction and bad publicity from the water, we realized that our local businesses could use some help. That’s where we came up with the idea of doing a ‘Relief and Rescue Happy Hour – each couple of weeks, we’re going to choose a local business and go hang out there and spend money.”

    By the time we left Hoosier’s at 7pm, there were about 25 Seven-Slot members laughing, talking and enjoying the camaraderie.

    “We’ve got about 30-40 members so far, and we keep growing every day,” Renee said. “People hear about us, then they check us out on Facebook.”7 Slot Social Club Brings Relief to Local Businesses Image

    The group not only bar hops, but also plans trips like kayaking, fishing and trail riding. They already have their own website – 7slotsocialclub.com – t-shirts and the aforementioned Facebook page. The name ‘Seven Slots’ comes from the front grill of a Jeep – it has seven slots.

    “It’s free to join our group right now, but we are going to start taking donations so we can plan more fun things to do,” Renee said.

    Want to check them out? Their next Relief Happy Hour is scheduled for Friday, August 12 at Hurricane Tina’s. The event starts at ‘6-ish’ and will last for at least a couple of hours, though the club is on Island Time so no one is keeping a clock!


    Keri Hendry Weeg