5th Graders Say Good-bye to Beach School


At their Awards Ceremony at Fort Myers Beach Elementary School Tuesday evening, members of the future high school Class of 2023 were recognized by Principal Larry Wood and their teacher Mrs. Jennifer Martin. Of the fourteen 5th grade students, three of them began kindergarten at Beach School and four of them were new to the school this year. During the program, awards were presented and the students performed the “Cups” song. Principal Larry Wood told the students’ families that the first six years of their schooling may seem to have gone by fast, “but just wait until you see how fast the next seven years go. Middle school and high school will just fly by.” Mrs. Martin reflected that this year’s 5th graders were “an amazing group of children – one that I will miss. I’m so proud of them all!”

5th graders moving on to middle school next fall are: Christain Bustos-Santiago, Luis Cantera, Haley Castro, Kaylee Collazo, McKenzie Connolly, Kyah Geisler-Pascuzzi, Aspen Ives, Nicholas Dosanu, Aaron James, Aiden Kaiser, Logan Lockhart, Colby Manuel, Fabiola Sigala and Hunter Thomas.