4th of July Fireworks to be Cancelled


When the new Town Council meets Monday evening, their agenda will include a decision to cancel 4th of July fireworks at the recommendation of Town Staff as no community donations have been received and the fireworks vendor requires a signed contract by April 1st.

The tradition of 4th of July Fireworks at the Pier began in the 1950‘s. A variety of community groups organized the show for about 20 years before Bill Semmer of Semmer Electric and his family brought their San Carlos Island fireworks show to the pier. With the help of numerous community fundraisers the Semmer’s organized 23 years worth of shows on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, before stepping down in 2012.

At that time the Town’s Parks & Rec Department was handed the responsibility and community contributions helped offset the costs to some extent. In November 2014, Town Council announced that the New Year’s Eve show that year would be the last one the Town paid for. Local businesses raised donations for the 4th of July fireworks in 2015. After the Town set a maximum Town contribution for fireworks shows, the community raised enough to hold a New Year’s Eve show last year.

The Staff blue sheet summarizing the agenda item requests that Council not contract for July 4th Fireworks and not issue a Request for Proposal for any future fireworks.

Other items on the agenda include recognition of out-going Council members and the issuance of the Oath of office to new ones, followed by the selection of a Mayor and Vice-Mayor. The reorganization of council also includes to assignment of representatives to Town Council Advisory Boards and seven outside committees.

Missy Layfield