Here we are, once again, in the middle of “season.” Tempers are flaring, people are shouting at each other and the roads are clogged with people blowing their horns. What happened to this place? Who started this battle between those of us that live here year round and those seasonal visitors? Maybe it goes back to Thomas Edison, who was advised by his doctor to “find a better climate.” Well he found one and started something, something that is starting to rip this place apart. Not that Thomas Edison abused this area. He loved it so much that he only shared it with one friend, Henry Ford. I don’t think either one of them would have walked into a busy restaurant and demand to be waited on.

As for the title of this little rant, 365ers. It was created, as far as I know, by a local restaurant owner who has listened to the shouting for too many years. He once thought of placing reservation cards around the bar stating “365er only”. Maybe the better part of valor prevailed.

I figure that if snowbirds can form an origination so they can have a say in local government, we can have an organization to represent us. I have a suggestion for them. Become a full time resident. That would give you the right to vote and make the changes you want. But beware! If you make this place just like your “home up north” then you won’t want to come here anymore.

By the way, tattoos will be available soon. You just have to prove you are a resident here.


Nelson Brindle
Fort Myers