Vote Veach

Re: Letter to the Editor “Don’t Promote Veach,” by Ed Rood, Island Sand Paper, February 28, 2020:

Of course he doesn’t want him on Town Council, Mr. Rood is one of the 2 homeowners that want to put a boardwalk (near) the Critical Wildlife Area on the south end of the beach.

I have personally walked from his house to the shoreline circumventing the CWA and it took about 5 minutes. I don’t understand the importance he places on having the ability to walk straight to the shoreline. Most people want a little exercise when they come to the beach, to have time to observe the many sea birds that are making the Wildlife Area their habitat. Why destroy this precious Wildlife Area for a slight convenience?

I also don’t understand why this is even an issue as the Critical Wildlife Area was already there when Mr. Rood purchased his property. Perhaps he figures he can just disrupt anything in the way of what he wants?

That explains his aversion to someone who speaks up for the Environment being on Town Council I believe. Endangered wildlife be damned, I want a boardwalk right through their habitat.


Wendy Herron
Fort Myers Beach