2016 Shrimp Festival Queen

Letters to the Editor


In a few short weeks there will be a new Shrimp Festival Queen, filled with all the joy and happiness of representing the Town of Fort Myers Beach. I remember as a child wanting to be queen only to be fortunate enough to be chosen. I had a wonderful year and will always remember all the fun, and friends I met.

I want to thank all the great people at the Lion’s Club for all they do. They truly represent their motto,”We Serve.” I would also like to thank my sponsor Bill Semmer of Semmer Electric for all his support and kindness. I dedicate this to his wife, Shirley Semmer, who passed away months before. She was like an aunt to me and Shirley will always be remembered and loved. I would like to thank all those in our town for their support and encouragement throughout the year. I would especially like to thank Tracey Gore and her family of shrimpers for all their help, compassion and dedication. She made this contest so much fun for all the girls including myself. Tracey dedicates so much of her time for us and this annual event. I’ve learned a lot about shrimping from Tracey’s family, like learning about the shrimp boats, pinching the heads off and of course eating them. Of course you do not have to do all those things to be a Shrimp Queen, but it doesn’t hurt.

I feel very grateful to be given this opportunity in honoring this great tradition of the shrimping industry and to all the hard working families that do it. It’s what makes our island so unique.


Madison Tezak
2016 Shrimp Festival Queen