2 Cents Worth


In last week’s paper, one writer talked of the first thing one sees coming over the bridge, is a slum. (“Prognostication Scorecard,” Island Sand Paper, Dec. 27, 2019)

Everyone that comes to FMB regularly is conscious of the plan for a resort. The bottom of the bridge is choice territory, and the busiest area on the island.

I would urge the council to weigh all of the factors, which I’m sure they have been, but my belief is that this area cannot support the type of growth that is being proposed.

The ordeal of getting to the beach, which is a small nightmare now, especially after 10am, can only be compounded by a new influx of 300 to 800 cars or more a day.

To just fill up that space so that it looks better is not a solution. The choice made now will last for decades.

Everybody likes to get in their 2 cents worth, I just got mine.


Lou Stefanoni
Toledo, OH